Saturday, August 30, 2008

Why I Love Thrift Stores

Today, I made a quick stop at the local thrift shop in my town. I love this place - they have SO much to choose from, it's well organized, and the prices are right.
My little one found a cash register complete with paper money and change for $2.90. I found this:

It's a large ceramic pumpkin with a large 4 wick candle inside. I didn't even realize that it once held a candle - I just thought it would be cute for fall decor. I took my find home and washed it. When I turned it over I couldn't believe my eyes - $75.00!!! Who in their right mind would pay $75 for a candle??
It was also signed on one side so I decided to do a little research. Turns out it was a candle that was carried by Bath and Body Works last year and was extremely popular (I still can't believe anyone can pay that kind of money for a candle...)

My price? $6.90. Yeah, baby.

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hamsterkitten said...

I love thrift stores, too! And it's funny that you mentioned your child getting a cash register, because last week I got a brand new looking modern McDonald's cash register from the Salvation Army. It even has buttons with food pictures on them and they say the item when you push them.

Anyway, love your blog! Mine is if you ever wanna stop by!