Saturday, July 26, 2008

Our Little Hippie Chick

She Takes After Me

My oldest and I decided to try and make some mish-mash breakfast thing that we found in a "use what's in your pantry" recipe book. We had a lot of fun making it - we pretended to be two chefs hosting a show on the Food Network - of course I was not allowed to refer to her as anything but Chef Madi- she is very entertaining.

Please do not comment on that scary doll in the background. My youngest will NOT part with it, and for some reason it was hanging out in the kitchen. I would move it, but I am afraid of it.

And here is the finished product...however, no one is brave enough to eat this. I'm scared of it. But we still had fun baking!

Friday, July 18, 2008


I received this lovely piece of art yesterday...


Now..where should I hang it?

She's Crafty! (and she's just my type)

If you ever listented to the Beastie Boys growing up, you will understand that title.

I took my inspiration for this craft here:

And here is how mine turned out.

Ugly composition book

And After:

Not bad, huh? I gave it to my Mom as a little gift (she loves all things paper and pen). She ws impressed. I think I will have to make more...

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Two Little Princesses

Sometimes they scream.

Sometimes they fight.

Sometimes they drive me nuts.

But give them a craft? They become best friends.

And I get to recharge my sanity levels.

I love you, Michaels. Especially when foam crowns and stickers are on clearance.

All of this for only $4.00!

And just look at those happy queens!

Todays Deals - Wal Mart Style

Ok tonight I was supposed to go to the gym, but I got a little blog obsessed and was reading all the good money saving entries...anyway, I got so excited that I skipped the gym and went to Wal Mart to see how well I could play the we go:

Total for all of this: $71.06

I paid OOP (out of pocket): $21.00

That's right folks, $21 smackeroos! Coupons...what a wonderful thing. And it's nice to know that all of the post it tabs and powerade was free! I am impressed with my mad skills... I was even able to get some fun stuff for me---see that exclamation bottle? That is a body spray I used to wear when I was about 13...still love the was $5.00 (yikes!) but I wanted to reward myself for doing so well. Two nightgowns for the kids, some HP printer paper, All You magazine...I am on a high. Am I a nerd? Yes. Am I a nerd with a nice bank account. Yes again. I like being a nerd!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Insert Clever Title Here...

Welcome to my first post. And don't you feel so special that you are reading this? Cause you should. I guess I'll start with the basics:

I have a problem. It's big. I am talking huge. I have a lot of debt. I'm talking almost 30K. Is that a lot? Yep. My plan here is to blog about my situation and force myself to be accountable for it. Plus blogging is so fun. Maybe I will get so addicted to this that I won't ever have time to head to Target or the craft stores to swipe those little plastic demons.

I am always drawn to blogs that have lots of pictures, so to make mine totally cool (ha) I will add pictures to this post.

Here is my CVS loot for this week:
Store cost: $102.76
My cost (with coupons and sales): $43.43
Savings: $59.33

Not bad huh? And the best part? There were quite a few items in there that were free. I got lucky on the kids mouthwash. The CVS folks forgot to take down a display that stated the following: $3.77 ECB's: $3.77 - Your Cost = FREE
Since the customer is always right at CVS (oh how I love this store) they honored the display sign and gave me all of them FREE!! Yeah baby!